The Spinnery & Weavery

Yarn is handspun from dog hair collected from across the U.S. and from a variety of dogs -
some pets, others working farm dogs, many rescued dogs themselves.


A donor dog enjoys the benefit of being brushed - promotes a good skin and coat as well as beneficial for circulation and sheer enjoyment of being “massaged.” The hair collected off the brush is placed in a ziplock baggie and sent to Sacred Spirit Dog. Once received it is labelled as to the donor dog and its breed or if its of “mixed heritage.” At this time the hair is evaluated as to whether it will be felted into a rug or woven into a scarf.


Once spun, the yarn is washed and weather-permitting, allowed to dry naturally in the open air.

Dog hair is approximately 80% warmer than sheep’s wool and 67% lighter. Because of this extreme warmth, most of the scarves contain other fibers as well; generally plant fibers such as cotton, soy and bamboo are used. Yet the dog hair yarn always remains “au naturel.”


The Scarves

- As no two dogs are alike, neither are Sacred Spirit Dog scarves. The “spirit” of the scarf is honouring the dog donating its fur. Each scarf is as unique as each of our special animal friends.

Scarves are available at $US 75.00 + postage & handling.
30% profit of each scarf will be donated to the donor dog’s rescue organization in New England.

VISA and Mastercard accepted.




Scarf Pins

Our brass scarf pin is the perfect accompanying piece for a Sacred Spirit Dog scarf. Like the scarves, each one is handmade and unique to itself. With each purchase, a donation is made to Toby’s Foundation, an organization committed to fighting canine epilepsy. Pins are $24. ~ or $18. with the purchase of a scarf.



The Rugs

- The rugs, 36” X 48”, are felted with 2 pounds sheep’s wool to one pound dog hair. The dog hair is “picked” and “carded” into the wool. On top of a 6” bed of pure fluff a design is created using the undercoat from one “donor” dog. Boiling hot water mixed with Vermont “Liquid Sunshine” soap is poured over the bed of fluff and then pressed and agitated for approximately 40 - 50 minutes. Once felted, the rugs are set in a “drying” room for 48 hours.

Like the scarves, Sacred Spirit Dog rugs are one-of-a-kind. Rugs may be purchased for $US 175.00 + postage & handling. 40% profit of each rug will be donated to the donor dog’s breed rescue in New England.

Mastercard and VISA are accepted.

To place an order or become involved in Sacred Spirit Dog’s
Dogs Helping Dogs Project, contact and subject head “Dogs Helping Dogs.”

Your dog, too, can help make a difference